New VR Updates For BREATH OF THE WILD And MARIO ODYSSEY Have Decreased Load Time!

It seems that VR wasn’t the only thing added to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild in this latest update! As noted by several speed runners the game has seen a noticeable drop in load times compared to the pre-patched version. Performance on the games over world map has also seemed to gain an additional speed boost with some areas presenting less frame drop then before! Surprisingly the Switch version has always loaded slower than the Wii U version but thanks to this newest patch it seems that the 2 are finally near parity.

It seems these loading optimizations weren’t just for Zelda either as numerous reports have claimed that Super Mario Odyssey is also loading faster with its newest update. Upon loading my own copy of each title I would also like to add in my own confirmation that each game is indeed loading faster which will make my replay of Breath of the wild all that more enjoyable!

Have you noticed any difference in loading speeds and do you have each game physically or digitally? Share your own experiences below!