Newt One - Surprising, Innovative Music based Platformer

Possibly one of the most innovate. atmospheric and original titles upcoming on the popular Utomik platform.  Newt One bursts onto our PC Screens on Feburary 14th.  It's the brain child of Ari and Dev who both wanted to experiment with interactive sound systems and positive, holistic game design. 

You play as Newt, a new tone in a musical land that has fallen to the great Slumber.  A catastrophe which has drained the land of it's mojo.  Causing flowers and the normally vibrantly green land to turn grey.  It's time to turn this monochromatic, sad, silent world back to all it's colourful, musical glory!

Your goal is to change the initially grey, drab landscape into a vibrant place of colour and sound!

Your goal is to change the initially grey, drab landscape into a vibrant place of colour and sound!

Newt One brings a uniquely rewarding mechanic to indie games.  You're goal is to bring life to a game world and not take from it.  A player can visibly and audibly measure it's progress through the level as they traverse it's many puzzles and touch objects.  As Newt touches objects they turn from grey to their natural vibrant colours, sound play and the overall mood of the player becomes positive.  This is an intentional effect crafted by the developers, wishing for a positive effect on the players mental health.


Having played through an hour of the game in it's finished state, I can confirm that this title is something unique and special.  having observed the first few levels, my non-gaming wife was pulled into it's charming world of colour and sound.  The controls are intuitive and the game has been developed to use both traditional keyboard and mouse as well as XBOX and PS4 controllers.  Each island boasts new aspects of discovery such as gaining wings to float to far off platforms and a magic wand which speeds up changing the landscape.


Having spoken to the developers of this title it's clear that they have crafted something which is intended to bring joy and entertainment to gamers of all ages.  It's been observed that this game has produced positive effects to groups of kids who game as well as adults.  It's fun and you all should expect a review close to it's date of release on Valentines day this year.

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