Next Generation MONOPOLY Pieces Vote Results Are In

Hasbro set up a vote in the beginning of this year for those interested enough to place their vote on what the next eight pieces for the next generation of Monopoly board games. Finally, after all the tallying, the results have been announced!

In 1935, when the game was first created, the original choice pieces were the iron, purse, lantern, racecar, thimble, shoe, top hat, battleship, cannon and a rocking horse. Then the present pieces have been the iron, scottish terrier, battleship, racecar, thimble, boot, top hat, and a cat. Now, the future pieces will be:

Scottish Terrier, Battleship, Racecar, Top Hat, Cat, Rubber Ducky, T. Rex, and a Penguin.

The total vote count was from 4.3 million votes. In first place, the Scottish Terrier collected a total 212,476 votes, making him the top dog of the 64 options from the vote. The T. Rex took second with 207,954 votes, the Top Hat came in third with 167,582 votes, the Racecar drifted into fourth with 165,083 votes; the Rubber Ducky splashed into fifth with 160,485 votes; the Cat was sixth with 154,165 votes; the Penguin waddled into seventh place with 146,661 votes; and the Battleship blasted through with 134,704 votes.

This means that it's time to say goodbye to the classic Thimble, kick out the Boot, and wheel out the Wheelbarrel and hello to some community favorites; Rubber Ducky, T. Rex, and a cute Penguin!

This new generation Monopoly will hit the store shelves this fall.

Source: Yahoo Finance