NIDHOGG 2 Coming To PC and PS4 Next Month

Messhof has recently announced that their sequel to the well-received sword fighting hit, Nidhogg, will be releasing August 15 for the PC and PS4. Check out the quick gameplay clip below:

Fans of the original will be quick to notice the drastic change in art direction in this new title. Definitely moving toward a bit more complex design than the originals simplistic-like graphics, but maintaining that “retro” feel that the original knocked out of the park. Nidhogg managed to be an indie gem that made you feel like you were playing a game from the past but once you began to play, you’ve never played anything like it before. Truly a fun and entertaining take on the couch multiplayer genre. I am excited to see that the sequel is almost here but I don’t know if it will live up to the original’s essence.

So, what do you think? Does the sequel look promising enough to improve what the original perfected so well? Or do you think this is a flop before it even has the chance to flip? Either way, Nidhogg 2 will be out in less than a month, be sure to check back for the review and all the news related to this highly anticipated sequel.

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