NIER: AUTOMATA Director Says He Will Do A NIER Remake If He Gets The Money For It

Riding high off the success of over 1 million sales of the sequel Nier: Automata, game director Yoko Taro says he's more than willing to remake the original Nier provided he gets the money to do so.  For those not familiar with the original, Nier was a game released in 2010 both for PS3 and Xbox 360. The original Nier had you playing...well Nier as he searched to find a cure for his daughter Yonah's disease. 

Imagine that trailer with the modern look of Nier: Automata and then grab a towel because you're drooling all over yourself. I would absolutely love to see this done, and while Square Enix has offered no official word yet, I can't imagine they're going to piss off the guy who just developed a game that sold a million copies. We'll let you know if anything develops out of these statements.

Source: Siliconera