Ninja Theory Uses Insane Experimental Face Scanning for HELLBLADE

As gamers we are just barely getting to see developers scratch the surface of what these powerhouse current-generation of consoles can handle. Graphically speaking, we are looking at changes light years ahead of where we were with the PS3 and Xbox 360! Well the Hellblade team over at Ninja Theory are working with Three Lateral, a Serbian company that has developed a top-secret facial scan rig that can capture an unbelievable amount of detail. With the aid of their stunning video editor, Melina, they captured some of the most stunning facial animation I've ever seen. There are moments in the attached development diary below that it is hard to tell where Melina ends and the 3-D rendering begins. I can't wait to see what Ninja Theory does with this and where graphical advancements will keep moving to in the future!

Hellblade will be releasing on PS4 and PC sometime next year.

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