Nintendo And Microsoft Joins Forces In MINECRAFT, Leaving Out Sony

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Minecraft on the Nintendo Switch is getting a massive update today, which supports cross-play between the Switch, PC, and smartphones. Of course, it is not a surprise that Sony is not included on the list of platforms that enables cross-play, which prompted Nintendo and Microsoft to use the situation as a marketing weapon against Sony. 

The cross-play trailer of Minecraft showcased the Xbox One and the Nintendo Switch being able to play with one another. The two companies even called out each other on Twitter, which seems to suggest that they are rubbing Sony’s face in their newly found friendship with one another, which is obviously a marketing tactic. 

The announcement of cross-play on Minecraft between Nintendo and Microsoft’s platforms came out just a few days after PlayStation 4 players got furious with Sony. After the launch of Fortnite on the Switch last E3, players found out that their Fortnite accounts linked to the PS4, will not be able to log in on the Switch version of the game. This means that any skins, purchases, and progress cannot be shared between the PS4 and Nintendo Switch. 

It’s evident that Nintendo and Microsoft’s partnership highlights Sony’s refusal to support cross-play. The rare collaboration between console rivals shows that Nintendo and Microsoft are clearly using the situation to make Sony the odd man out. As of now, Sony remains silent on the move by its rivals. However, it is clear that both Nintendo and Microsoft understands the demand for cross-play supported games, and both are smart enough to use this to their own advantage. 

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