Nintendo And Microsoft's Partnership Could Also Extend To Cloud Streaming

Last week the thought impossible likelihood of Sony and Microsoft working together happened! Sony would utilize Microsoft’s Azure cloud services for future entertainment and game streaming endeavors. Now it seems as if Nintendo will also make use of Azure in its future streaming plans. David Gibson, an industry analyst, has stated “Nintendo itself is looking also to work with MSFT (Azure) to offer its own streaming service in limited regions (JP, US etc).”

This move honestly would make a ton of sense considering how closely Nintendo and Microsoft have been working together lately. The previous rumors of Project xCloud being on the Switch also seem more likely if such a collaboration were to happen. Streaming is also nothing new to the Nintendo Switch with streamable versions of Resident Evil VII and Assassin’s Creed being available in Japan. What are your thoughts on game streaming and the possibilities of being able to access more games on a Switch the console might not be able to run otherwise? Leave us some thoughts below!