Nintendo Announces ANIMAL CROSSING And FIRE EMBLEM Are Coming To Your Smartphone

After the success of Miitomo, Nintendo is doubling down in the mobile gaming market. Nintendo Life announced they will be releasing mobile titles revolving around Fire Emblem and Animal Crossing. They didn't have much to say about Fire Emblem but Nintendo shared a bit about their Animal Crossing game, which is already in development...

We are currently developing a new application for smart devices based on the characters and world of Animal Crossing. As I mentioned before, the Animal Crossing series for dedicated video game systems is well-loved for its long-term playability, so we want to offer a connection between the smart device application and the world of Animal Crossing on dedicated video game systems. This will make it even more fun to play in both ways, while offering a new style of play for smart devices. We are developing this application to provide consumers with strong value suitable to smart devices while also generating synergy with our dedicated video game system business, as this is one of the goals of our smart device business.

I should've known it wouldn't be as simple as "here's Animal Crossing for your iPhone." I'm sure a game as complex as AC would be pretty hard to put on a phone, but could you think of a better franchise to be on it?! I have with my phone with me everywhere I go, and seeing as Animal Crossing is a 24/7 real time game it just makes sense it would be with me at all times!

Animal Crossing is cool and all but why can't we learn more about Fire Emblem?! I'm wayyy more interested in what they could be doing with that and mobile!