Nintendo Confirms NX Release Date, Teases New "Quality of Life" Product

It would appear that we are for sure going to see the NX in March of 2017. The news comes from Nintendo Life who says that's not the only news Nintendo was willing to share in their annual report. Perhaps to create buzz and bring more minds to Pokemon Go, Nintendo announced they are planning on releasing a "Quality Of Life" product initially spearheaded by Satoru Iwata a couple years back.

What the product could be I'm not entirely sure, but I can remember some of Iwata's ideas. I remember a long time ago he had some interest in a peripheral that would track your heart rate and emotion when playing a game, and have that feedback actually affect the game. When he used to describe it, it kind of sounded like the heart thing they put on your finger in hospitals, but maybe it's something different than that.

Whatever the case, I think it's more than safe to say we are going to see more activity based products from Nintendo considering they recently surpassed Sony in stock price despite the PS4 outselling both the Wii U and the Xbox One combined this year.

Personally, I'm okay with the shift in focus provided it means Nintendo gets to continue what Nintendo does, but I really hope this doesn't become all that they do. Really I'm dying for a good look at the NX, SHOW US THAT ALREADY.