Nintendo Director Says Some Employees Are Concerned They May Not Receive A Nintendo Switch Due To Demand

If you were one of the people (like me) who thought you could get a Nintendo Switch at launch without a pre-order, you're probably learning now (like me) that it ain't gonna happen. The console demand has been hot in a way that the Wii-U was absolutely not, and Nintendo Director Shinya Takahashi says the company is well aware of this. Takahashi says demand has been so great, in fact, that some Nintendo employees may not be able to receive a console...

"It does sound like there might be a few shortages here and there, but once you get past that I think we'll have a very steady flow. Some of our employees are worried about getting one... but we are making a lot!"

Despite the company acknowledging there may possibly be a shortage after launch, they remain confident that they will be able to deliver more consoles in the days and weeks that follow and currently have more in production. I like to think that's true, as it's so early in the year you don't have to worry about the Christmas crowd and rush like we did with the Wii (which launched just a little over a month before the holiday). Do you have your Switch pre-order, and have you confirmed you will be getting it on launch day? 

Source: Nintendo Life