Nintendo Increasing Production Of Switch Following Great Pre-Order Numbers

Things are looking up for Nintendo as the company has announced plans to ramp up Nintendo Switch production. The news comes from tech insider for the Wall Street Journal Takashi Mochizuki who tweeted out the following early this morning...

Nintendo Life reports that Nintendo already announced that 2 million units of the Switch would be available at launch, so the news that there will be even more than that to meet demand is very good news for Nintendo. Of course, more launch sales with current gen software will only attract more developers to the console, and with the recent news that the Xbox One will still be supported in the wake of Project Scorpio, there's a good chance the Switch will see more 3rd party development too should it be successful. 

That's not the only good news for Nintendo either as Mochizuki also reports that around 5% of users who download Super Mario Run are opting to pay for the full game. This netted Nintendo a sweet $50 million on its mobile game in the month of December. With just a little over a month until the Switch release, it'll be interesting to see what's in store for the giant gaming corporation in the weeks to come.