Nintendo Is Releasing A New Game Voucher For Digital Titles

Image Credit: Nintendo

Image Credit: Nintendo

At the tail end of yesterday’s Super Mario Maker 2 presentation, Nintendo revealed an interesting online offer. All Nintendo Switch Online subscribers can buy an online game voucher for $99.99 that will allow players to redeem them for 2 $59.99 dollar games saving player up to $19.99 off of the total cost. In the example players can redeem the voucher for a Super Mario Maker 2 pre-order and also pick up Super Smash Bros. Ultimate to play immediately.


If you know you plan to buy multiple $60 dollar games in a short time it really isn’t a bad deal to consider knowing it will save you $20. Act quickly however as the vouchers will only be on sale until July 31, 2019. Don’t worry about having to redeem the vouchers right away however as they are good for an entire year after purchase!

What do you think of Nintendo’s new vouchers?