Nintendo Just Grabbed An Exciting List Of Game Trademarks

As the Nintendo Switch fan base continued to grow, so does the library of games that are available to download. While there have been some surprising games to make it on to the latest Nintendo platform, but it's been nothing compared to the indie games available.

The more popular of the games available on the Nintendo Switch store are classic titles that have been ported into today's gaming generation. Continuing to provide Switch owners with classic titles from their childhood, or perhaps their parents' childhood, Nintendo has claimed trademarks in Japan for some of their iconic games. The five games trademarked were:

  • Mario Tennis
  • Mario Party
  • Paper Mario
  • Dr. Mario
  • Punch-Out

While the games are listed as video game program and downloadable video game program it would appear as though they are going to be available on the Switch soon, there is a question that remains. A few of these titles have sequels, so will we be getting only the original of each or possibly a series?

My very first game was Dr. Mario and I remember spending countless hours on the couch playing Mario Party with my brother and my cousin. I'd say it's about time we get an official version of these games on a newer platform without the need of an emulator. While I'm hoping to see at least the first three Mario Party games and a couple of the Paper Mario games I'm mostly excited for Dr. Mario. Which of these titles are you most excited to see being ported to the Nintendo Switch?

Source: Go Nintendo