Nintendo Just Sold 19.67 Million Switch Consoles To Date

Nintendo just released their financial results for the first quarter of the fiscal year, which covers the period of April to June 2018. The report revealed the company’s sale-to-date figures for the Switch, and everything looks bright for the hybrid console. 

The Nintendo Switch is doing exceptionally well, with a figure of 19.67 million units sold since its launch in March 2017. Software sales, on the other hand, is also doing well with approximately 86.93 million Switch games sold from day one. 

The first quarter of the financial year saw games such as Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze and Mario Tennis Aces selling 1.40 million units and 1.38 million units respectively. Moreover, Nintendo’s latest invention, the Labo, was able to push 1.39 million units for both packs. 

Although the hardware sales of the Switch would seem impressive, the 1.88 million units Nintendo was able to distribute this quarter was a 4.4 percent drop on a year-on-year basis. Software sales, on the other hand, hit 17.86 million units during the period, which is a staggering 120.8 percent increase year on year. 

Regarding the 3DS, Nintendo reported that the system has now reached a total of 72.89 million consoles sold, with software sales reaching to 367.84 million. For this quarter, the hardware sales for the 3DS declined by 61.9 percent compared to last year, with only 0.36 million units sold. Software sales for the quarter also dropped by 49.7 percent down with just 2.95 million sold. 

Given the high performance of the Switch and other consoles, Nintendo was able to post a net sales of $1,513 billion, which is an increase on 9 percent as compared to last year. 

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