Nintendo Nearing 100 eShop Games Less Than 6 Months After Switch Launch

Nintendo is nearing 100 games on its eShop less than 6 months after the launch of its console, and while many will try to strike down the achievement, it's pretty impressive. No, it's not just a bunch of shovelware, Nintendo has managed to bring a diverse lineup of remakes, ports, and creative indie titles all to its platform all without the use of its virtual console, which is more than can be said for both the Wii and Wii U. 

By the way, Nintendo will move past the 100 mark when Sonic Mania launches tomorrow: 

Have you been impressed with the Switch lineup so far? To be quite honest, I'm already nearing the amount of games I owned on the Wii U, and I already know I'm purchasing at least two more before the year is out, so I'm happy.