Nintendo Only Planning In Depth ZELDA Announcement For E3

Looks like Nintendo is not learning from their mistakes. The company is opting out of showing their new console NX (which launches in 10 months before the next E3) and instead using their E3 time to promote the new Legend of Zelda. It's absolutely maddening to hear this as a Nintendo fan. The Wii U struggled initially due to a lack of marketing and not many people knowing what it was exactly, and it appears the same strategy is being implemented for NX.

Nintendo cannot rely on their own press machine to control all the information! It's absolutely ridiculous we will not even be receiving confirmation of rumors on NX! Instead, we are going to see a game for a dead system, that's coming out for the console that we don't even know what it is. Nintendo...get it together! No one wants to see you fail again!