Nintendo Paid Extra To Ship Us The Nintendo Switch

The past month has been filled with speculation that Nintendo artificially spiked demand with low console numbers, but that doesn't seem to be the case due to this recent report. In fact, Nintendo has been and is cutting its profit margin in an attempt to get the Switch back on store shelves as fast as possible. Taking a hit of about $45 a console, Nintendo flew a bulk of its console shipments around the world to ensure that the console had the chance to get in customers hands as soon as possible. That's something fairly rare in today's market as shipping any type of goods by plane is fairly expensive.  It sounds like a crazy move considering you're really hitting how much money you're making per console, but from a business perspective, it makes sense.

If you get everyone who wants a Switch now while demand is high, that's more people who already have a Switch come the holiday season when the console is guaranteed to not meet demand. Software sales will more than supplement any profit loss from the additional charge in flight, and the temporary cost will presumably pay for itself down the line. I'm just glad to hear Nintendo seems willing and ready to go the extra mile to serve the gaming community. Profitable Nintendo is best Nintendo. 

Source: Nintendo Life