Nintendo Releases New Goofy Commercial For The Switch

The newest Nintendo Switch commercial is weird. Among other things, it features a woman trying to get her boyfriends attention for some sexy time, a dude ruining a joycon by pretending to die and falling in a pool, and two guys secretly playing a Switch during work. It also has this weird song that was either written specifically for the Switch or was just prophetic when it was written. 

As weird as it is, the message it sends and Nintendo's marketing for the console is now clear. The Switch offers console gaming in places where you haven't had it before. The pickup and go ability allows you to take it to social events and not put too much thought into whether someone wants to play video games at this party or not. If you feel it out and the answer is no...all you did was bring a tablet to a party. It's not like you have to reattach wires and bring in a bulky device! 

I know that sounds dumb, but for me, that's a big selling point. The convenience of having a console I can just pick up and leave with is way less stress than trying to wrangle any of my other consoles up for a trip. To put it simply, I wouldn't do it, and I definitely see myself doing so with the Switch. I've heard more pre-orders are coming up soon so hopefully I can get myself on a list for release!