Nintendo Reveals A Third Labo Release, Check Out The Vehicle Kit

Nintendo just revealed a third kit in the Labo series of cardboard accessories for the Switch. During its launch earlier this year, Nintendo released two kits, The Variety Kit, and The Robot Kit. Now the company just revealed the third set in the series, The Vehicle Kit. 

The third set in the Labo series of cardboard accessories will include controllers for a car, airplane, and submarine, which can be controlled with accompanying software. Currently, the Vehicle Kit is scheduled to release on September 14 this year and will retail for $69.99 - the same price as the Variety Kit and will be $10 cheaper than the Robot Kit. 

The Vehicle Kit was announced via a preview video that showed the accessory being used to dive an off-road buggy with a steering wheel, a flight stick to fly a small plane, and a controller with two wheels to navigate a submersible. Moreover, a pedal can also be used to control all three types of vehicles. 

Nintendo revealed that a second key can also be used to invite a co-pilot with the Labo. The trailer showed one player driving a car, while the other used the flight stick to shoot targets from the back seat. 

What do you think about the new Nintendo Labo Kit? Share your thoughts in the comments below. 

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