Nintendo Rolling Out 2 Million Switch At Launch, Console Will Sell At Profit

Nintendo will be launching with 2 million units of the Nintendo Switch worldwide and will sell the console at a profit. The news comes from Wall Street Journal technology reporter Takashi Mochizuki, who was at Nintendo's latest financial briefing. 

Historically, Nintendo never sells consoles at a loss so that much is not surprising. This does confirm that Nintendo does have a price locked down on the Nintendo Switch, which has not yet been revealed. 

2 million units is a much safer amount for Nintendo to launch with and a much smaller number than what Nintendo launched with Wii-U. It also leaves the possibility that mass sell-outs are going to happen if the console launches to a large success, so early adopters better hop on it. 

The last bit of good news is that Mochizuki said the meeting seemed to indicate that the Nintendo Switch would be available to demo in locations prior to its launch. That's good as the console will launch long before E3 2017. We will be keeping a lookout and let you know where and when they plan to do that!