Nintendo Shipped 1.7 Million SNES Classics In September


In the wake of complaints that Nintendo intentionally shipped low numbers to drive up demand for the SNES Classic, Nintendo revealed in their latest earnings report they shipped relatively the same amount of consoles as they did with the Nintendo Switch earlier this year. 

Granted, 1.7 million copies for a worldwide distribution is not overselling by any means, but it's definitely far more than Nintendo originally produced for the NES Classic. In fact, Nintendo only produced 2.3 million copies of the NES Classic between November 2016 and April 2017 before taking a break in production. With the SNES Classic already approaching that number, it's likely there will be far less problems finding consoles as the holiday season approaches. 

At the same time, it's definitely not going to be as easy as walking into a store and finding one. Be sure to keep an eye on retailers in the coming weeks and sign up for email programs to be notified when your store receives a shipment! As the proud owner of an SNES Classic, I can attest it's worth the money, so make sure you have some money set aside for the next time it appears in stores!

Source: WCC Tech