Nintendo Stock Price Soars Following POKEMON GO Release

After a full day of worldwide release, nearly every man and his brother are talking about Pokemon Go. While I've heard very few negative reviews (mostly regarding server crashes) Nintendo's stock is indicating the launch has been a massive success. Nintendo Life tells us the gaming company experienced a 10% rise in stock value with the launching of the mobile game in the Americas yesterday.

That's good news, but can it be sustained? Let's not forget Miitomo seemed just as successful at launch and now has an incredibly low user base after the novelty wore off. Having played both I can say there is definitely more to Pokemon Go than there ever was Miitomo. Even if I don't play Pokemon Go as avidly as I do now in a month, I guarantee I will still be playing it. I couldn't say the same for Miitomo. 

Personally, I feel like the major key will be continued support. I would like to see the ability to add friends and a trading system to the app for starters. I also think it would be cool to battle my friends for experience or items as well!

Maybe I'm clouded by my judgement. Is the game as big as I think it is? Has anyone really heard anyone tearing this game a new one?