Nintendo Switch Online Adds 2 New NES Games Next Week


The Nintendo Switch Online service offers users the ability to play classic NES games as part of their subscription. Unfortunately, not many new games have been added to the service since it launched last fall. however, next week the line-up will be bolstered by a couple of Nintendo heavy hitters in the form of Zelda II The Adventures of Link and Blaster Master. Zelda II was a huge departure from the original Legend of Zelda and has garnered a legacy of not being a good entry in the franchise (I like Zelda II a lot btw). Zelda II is one of the harder entries in the franchise so I am hoping we can get the enhanced easy mode version like Nintendo did with the Switch version of the Legend of Zelda.

Blaster Master is another fantastic NES game that really pushed the limits in its day. The story being all kinds of out there, you follow your pet frog down a hole and find a super tank that you then use to search for the frog who happens to be named Fred (seriously). Despite the weirdness Blaster Master is a great game the blends traditional action platforming and top down shooting segments to great success! Bothe games will be available next week on January 16 for all Nintendo Switch Online subscribers.

What do you think of these additions? drop some thoughts below!