Nintendo Switch Online Adds Two New SP Modes Alongside New Games

Articles may contain affiliate links that provide commission to GameTyrant.

Articles may contain affiliate links that provide commission to GameTyrant.

As previously reported, Super Mario Bros. 2 and Kirby’s Adventure made there way to the Nintendo Switch Online service today. Without any previous announcements or fanfare 2 new SP modes for previous games are coming along for the ride! Both Blaster Master and Metroid are receiving the SP mode treatment to give players an alternate way to experience these great classics. The details of each games SP modes are as follows.


The fully fortified bounty hunter!

You just got a great head start on your mission to defeat Mother Brain! In this version of Metroid, every power-up, including all Power Suit weapons and abilities, is available from the start. The ending of this game changes slightly depending on how fast it’s beaten, boasting a total of five endings. Here, you’re ready to rush right into the finale, where you can see the ending that features Samus without her trademark Power Suit.

Blaster Master

Start from area 8.

You’ll start from area 8, the final area, in this special version of Blaster Master. Moreover, SOPHIA is fully equipped and ready for action! The Hover Gauge and Power are full, and Homing Missiles, Thunder Break, and Multi Warhead Missiles are all maxed out – along with Jason’s own Gun Energy Gauge and Power! You’re ready to take on the Underworld Lord… So get to it!

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