Nintendo Switch Outsells Wii At Launch In Americas

In its first two days of sale, the Nintendo Switch outsold the launch of the Nintendo Wii in the Americas. NYT reporter Nick Wingfield said the news comes from Nintendo Of America's Reggie Fiis-Aime, who interviewed with the reporter:

While many are quick to point out that this means nothing towards the lifetime sales of the console (which is typical of launch days), it certainly does mean the Nintendo Switch is off to a better start than the failed Wii-U system. It also means that those who don't have a Nintendo Switch could be in for a long wait as the Nintendo Wii was consistently sold out of stock from its launch in November til around March of the following year.

Adding to that, the Nintendo Switch launched outside of the holiday season where the Wii launched around a month before Christmas. With Mario slated for a holiday release, it will be interesting to see if Nintendo will have enough Switch consoles ready by the holidays for the second rush of the console. 

Nintendo Switch consoles have been randomly emerging at retailers post launch but nothing consistently in stock yet, what about where you are?