Nintendo Switch Patents May Reveal Unreleased Features Of The System

Take this with the grainiest grain of salt, but it's possible Nintendo hasn't completely revealed every feature of the Nintendo Switch. As Polygon (and we have reported) there are patent releases by Nintendo that suggest more features for the upcoming console. These include GPS, compass, touchscreen, and the ability to project images onto your hand!

It's all there I promise. 


The technology was possible of reading hand motions of the person in front of the camera. The patent said the user could do things like play rock, paper, scissors, and hold up fingers to answer math questions and the program would respond! It also showed the depiction above of someone throwing a ball into the game that was projected into their hand. 

While that sounds like the most awesome, world-changing, preposterous, and unlikely...and yet the patent exists. Of course, there are tons of patents for hover cars as well and you don't see them zipping around in the streets, do you? 

While I don't necessarily believe that the new Nintendo Switch has a gyroscope that projects images and Nintendo thought "yeah let's not show that", it is exciting to think they may be developing the technology! 

Out of all the things I could be most excited for that seem more likely would be the GPS and Compass function. While the hype of Pokemon Go has come and gone, the idea that a game could be affected by your location is a cool concept that needs more development.