NINTENDO SWITCH Sales Reach 1.5M Must Faster Than PS4 in Japan


And the console wars continue! In a report by a Japanese site known as 2ch, there seems to be an overwhelming amount of sales for the Nintendo Switch. If you look carefully at the totals at the bottom of the sales figures, the Switch reached 1.5m sales within 26 weeks, while took the PS4 69 weeks to do. In its 26th week, the PS4 was only at 665k.

At first glance this may be surprising to us Westerners, but Gamesindustry gives us a hint as to why this isn't shocking to the Japanese at all.

Japan is a territory where portable and mobile gaming reigns supreme, and in that sense Switch was always a stronger proposition.

The PS4 still shows stronger on our side of the world, and even I have found it hard to discover someone that actually has a Switch. It appears as if every household in Japan may have a Switch rather than a PS4, making me wonder how long before that trend breaks out to the rest of the world.

We'll keep a good eyes on these sales and keep you updated when further Switch sales become available in October. Have you switched over to the Switch, or are you still a die-hard PS4 gamer? Let us know.


Source: GamesIndustry; 2ch

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