Nintendo Switch Will Be Able To Connect 10 Consoles In LAN Mode

The Nintendo Switch will be able to connect 10 consoles when it is in LAN mode, according to a new press release. Nintendo dropped the news in a press release regarding Splatoon 2, with a small catch. While 10 players will be able to connect, only 8 will be able to participate in the game. This leaves the remaining two players the ability to spectate as cameramen so one could potentially have a Switch hooked up to a Capture Card for streaming, or perhaps serve as a coach for a competitive scene. 

While it's not incredible news, I think it's important for the Switch to have the ability to spectate in this modern era of gaming. With eSports on the rise, you almost have to have a way to get to Twitch anymore if you want your game to have a long lasting community. It's also worth mentioning that the fact that Nintendo can connect 10 players now opens up the opportunity for a game to allow 5v5 down the line for other games. Personally, I think MOBA's would be a hit on the Switch, what about you? 

Source: GameSpot