Nintendo Will Announce An ANIMAL CROSSING Mobile Game This Week


It looks like Nintendo is finally ready to announce that Animal Crossing mobile game they've been developing for mobile. Nintendo Japan has announced they'll be holding a Nintendo Direct for the new game this Wednesday (October 25th) at about 11 p.m. EST. 

Obviously, the most concerning part about this news is that the announcement does not appear to be a worldwide thing. That said, there have been plenty of Nintendo titles teased in a Japanese Direct that have eventually made their way stateside, so perhaps this just means Japan will be getting their hands on the game before the rest of the world. 

The hope is that Nintendo is about to announce a fully functional Animal Crossing game similar to the main franchise titles in the series, but given the companies track record with the last few titles they've released on mobile I'm almost certain there will be a twist on that formula. As perfect as it would be just to have a regular Animal Crossing game on a mobile platform, I would reckon Nintendo is saving that game for the Switch. 

As for what fans can expect on mobile I would imagine this game will be similar to the spin-off games that have been developed for the franchise as of late. Of course, I could be wrong, but I've seen enough Nintendo reveals to know getting my hopes up or having expectations at this point is just a setup for disappointment. Are you excited for this announcement?

Source: Eurogamer