Nintendo's NES Classic Outsold The PS4 And Xbox One Last June

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June was a pretty exciting month for Nintendo after the high performance of both its hardware and software sales. It’s no surprise that nostalgic factor has been a significant trend in gaming today, which is why Nintendo was happy to report that the NES Classic Edition sold more than any other console. Of course, most current-gen consoles today have been in the market for years now, but given the NES Classic is a re-release of an old system, this achievement is still pretty impressive. 

The NES Classic was revived by Nintendo during the NES in 2016 and returned to stores in June. NPD reported that the NES Classic was June’s highest selling console in the US, beating the PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and Xbox One. What’s more impressive here is that the NES Classic was able to outperform other consoles despite being on sale for just a few days in late June. Regarding profit margins, on the other hand, the PlayStation 4 still ranked supreme as it is priced at $300 compared with the $60 price tag of Nintendo’s console. 

The original Nintendo Entertainment System was released back in 1983, and 35 years later, the NES Classic proves that the console is still in demand servicing the nostalgic kick of modern players. The console comes loaded with 30 classic games including the ever so famous Super Mario Bros., Metroid, Donkey Kong, The Legend of Zelda, and Pac-Man. Unfortunately, the system does not allow players to insert original NES cartridges but supports game saves and has been updated so that the console connects to modern day TVs via an HDMI cable. 

As of now, Nintendo is still yet to confirm plans for future releases of vintage consoles such as the N64, or even the GameBoy. However, given the strong interest for Nintendo’s older systems, it may only be a matter of time before the N64 classic would hit the sales charts once again. 

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