NO MAN'S SKY Patch Removes Exploit And Adds Multiple Endings To Game


A day one patch to No Man's Sky is guaranteed to change the game according to its creator Sean Murray.

Here's the short and sweet run-down of what to expect from this new update...

  • There are now three distinct paths a player can take on their journey to completing the game. Each path will affect the player's experience and ending of the game.
  • Biomes and galaxies have been altered to provide greater variety earlier in the game.
  • Added diversity to creatures.
  • Dead moons, low-density planets, and extreme hazards like sand storms and blizzards will make some planets dangerous to visit.
  • Lots and lots of other cosmetic changes to planets and enviornments.
  • Space combat has been made more challenging.
  • Exploits have been removed.
  • Game will have multiple endings.

You can click the tweet above all that for the full on details, but that's the long and short of it. What I think the takeaway here is that Sean Murray and Hello Games responded to early access criticism and community concerns and made some massive changes to further make this an experience people will be pleased with. I think they made the right move, don't you?