NO MAN'S SKY Promises The Moon (And Some Other Planets) In Latest Trailer

No Man's Sky is once again generating hype with it's newest trailer...

I'm not sure why, because we literally see what we've seen time and time again in every other trailer. You fly around in space, you look at a planet, you scan a dinosaur and plant, you fly away. It's enough to make me wonder if this isn't a classic case of "too much is a good thing".

Indulge me for a minute, because I've been skeptical of this game since day one. This game boasts that it has "quintillion" planets for which you can explore. Obviously, the loading system is randomly generated combinations of different types of planets, but to me it sounds like after the first 20're going to see some similarities and the "quintillion" will essetially be "but the plant is different on this one".

Haters will shoot back with "well you do more than explore, theres space battles and flying and stuff..." Yet all we see primarily is landing on planets and looking around those planets. Here's one of the few videos I've seen of space battles and it looks...well boring.

Let's also remember that this game is primarily a single-player experience! Half the reason there was so much hype for this game was that everyone thought you would be playing with friends and exploring shit together and it would be awesome.

In actuality you're going to be flying a ship through space alone, landing on planets and taking pictures, and sometimes fighting a computer in what looks like very drawn out battles. Woo.

Maybe I'll eat crow when it releases and gets rave reviews, but this game sounds like Minecraft in space except I can't build! Minecraft in space does sound like a pretty awesome idea however.