Update: NO MAN'S SKY Release is Possibly Delayed

Update: No Man's Sky has officially been delayed until August 9 as officially confirmed by the game's page on the Playstation website.

Rumors are beginning to circulate regarding the release date for No Man’s Sky being pushed back until July or August of this year, which is kind of a bummer but not much of a delay either, especially when compared to a classic Nintendo Legend of Zelda delay.

Although the reasons for the delay, if true, are yet unknown, Kotaku reports to have already confirmed it via two credible sources. By the way, do all Kotaku sources come in pairs? Didn’t two sources confirm for them the legitimacy of the leaked Destiny: Rise of Iron poster? Anyway, I digress, apparently a well-trusted source contacted Kotaku to give them a heads up about the delay and then a second tip came from a GameStop employee who ascertains that, although the stores have already received marketing materials for the originally scheduled release date, they have been instructed to cover the date up with a, coming soon, label.

As of this moment, no official comment has been made by Sony or Hello Games, and no updates have been noted on the GameStop website. The last officially listed release date for No Man’s Sky is June 21, 2016.  

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