No Rank Reset For ROCKET LEAGUE Is Not A Good Call

Psyonix recently announced that they are not going to be resetting the rank for the next season of the Rocket League ranking system. The typical situation for the last few seasons was that the ranks reset and everybody could get a chance to start over.

I have to say that not resetting the rank is a bad move! "But why," you must be wondering and it is really as simple as this:

Without the ranking being reset, everybody that has been just throwing away their scores for the last month or two (such as myself) will now be stuck trying to fight against having a losing streak! I would of never of been playing the Standard mode without my partners or trying to help my nephew learn the game better by playing Doubles with him!

I may not be the best skilled player out there, in fact I was only a Gold 2 in both Doubles and Standard before I started to not care about the ranking system thinking it will just reset itself in a little over a month. Now that my rankings are all the way down to Silver 1, thanks to the incredible losing streaks from playing with new players and just wanting to do a Solo Standard version of the game with higher ranked players in Standard (Which btw, don't. The teammates still suck!), my rank is tarnished and now I find out it won't even be reset!

The whole thing they are doing is trying to remove "the chaos of skill reset," but that is one of my favorite moments playing the ranked system! When you literally have NO IDEA how good the other player is, so you feel even more pressure to do your best! I loved it, and now it has been taken away thanks to, once again, people complaining that they end up versing people way above their skill level when it's not like they win against their own ranks anyways!

Stop appeasing the crybabies and just leave the game how it is already!

Source: The Enterprise Daily