Nobuo Uematsu is Not Scoring FINAL FANTASY VII Remake

Nobuo Uematsu's compositions reach to the very origins of Final Fantasy when it began in 1987. From the chiptune sounds of early installments of the franchise, to fully orchestral arrangements, his music has helped evolve the landscape and depth of storytelling in games. We’ve heard and loved his music in the series as it has accompanied incredible adventures in vast, imaginative, inspiring new worlds.

According to rumor, he will not be scoring the new Final Fantasy VII Remake. On a Twitch stream from JeuxVideo, he reportedly answered “not at all,” when asked if he would be scoring it.

Whether this is by actual choice or if he was not contacted at all by Square Enix remains a mystery as well. There could be lots of new variables in how audio implementation works with this remake, as opposed to the usual samples and live instruments upgrade we commonly hear in remasters. In any case, it would be very exciting to hear what Uematsu-san would do with this highly anticipated Square Enix release, but as it looks right now, he is not on board.

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