The minute I saw Rocket League in action I knew it was something I'd seen before. It took a bit of soul searching, and like five seconds of Googling and I finally found it. Monster Truck Madness 64 was the original Rocket League. Start the video below at 6:30 if you don't believe me!

Yeah there's no rocket boosters, wall riding, and explosive soccer balls. What Monster Truck Madness lacked in 2016 pizzazz it made up for with 1996 alternate game modes. You weren't just limited to had hockey, tag, and everyone's favorite SUMMIT RUMBLE!

The awesome quality of that last video shows just how many remember. How can you forget the Monster Truck game officially licensed by WCW?! You could pick a Police Cruiser model, Hollwood Hogan, Sting, The Hitman?! Let's not forget the commercial with wrestler Kevin Nash...

Honestly I think Rocket League could take some notes from this classic in diversifying their game modes down the road. Now I'm just putting this out there but Monster Truck Madness 64 is owned by the Microsoft corporation so maybe if Rocket League wants to further buddy buddy up that relationship they could maybe ask if they could snag some of those classic wrestler skins!

I just want to see some of these game modes revamped for a new era. If Rocket League doesn't do it...someone should! I really want to relive the chaos that was hockey with monster trucks! They did it 20 years it now!