Oculus Is Selling Rift To Retailers Before Fullfilling Pre-Orders

People are pissed at the makers of Oculus Rift and with damn good reason! The company announced today they would be "rolling out" small supplies of Rift to retailers like Best Buy and Amazon. Meanwhile, a ridiculous number of their loyal pre-orders remain unfulfilled!

Don't worry, though, as Oculus says you can still buy a Rift at retail and they'll honor your pre-order perks...because that's the only reason they did it right? Absolutely ridiculous.

I'm sure there are retailer contracts that have to be honored or something, but the rollout of Rift has been a complete cluster f*** and frankly it's ridiculous that they're letting future price gougers purchase at their local Best Buy before the people who've already paid continue to wait. Yet another reason not to pre-order I guess.