REVIEW: "Ode" to joy - New Game by Ubisoft


Ode’s story is almost entirely non-existent which normally would detract from the overall game but in this case is clearly covered game mechanics, the main objective of each “open world” is to slowly convert some of what I can only assume is plantlife into different loops of music. Graphically while not groundbreaking it is a beautiful game with crisp animation and design throughout.



One of the strong suits of Ode is their simple take and enjoyable take on the platformer, in a similar format to that of Pikmin, as you slowly gather and convert “stars” your goal becomes apparent rather quickly of where you need to go and what the next objective is which is to convert each area you travel to using the stars gathered. It becomes somewhat of a repetitive task converting these areas over and over but I consistently found myself compelled to continue and ultimately construct the unique tunes. With such a simple and intuitive format this game can be enjoyed by almost anyone of any age. I could see myself coming back to replay the game if more areas are added but the replayability with this game could be considered somewhat limited.

What it could it have done better

Odes biggest downfall is the overall length of the game, for such a simple format you'd think you would be able to make more than just 4 levels (5 including a bonus Christmas level) but with a $4.99 price tag, it's hard to argue.



Overall I really enjoyed my short time with Reflection’s/ Ubisoft’s Ode and would be happy to continue playing in the event they add more in the long run. If you a spare 5 bucks it's a unique experience worth checking out.

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