Open World Classic Mercenaries Joins Games With Gold December 2018 Lineup


Mercenaries was a surprising release for PS2 and Xbox back in 2005. While open world games were nothing new, with earlier releases in the Elder Scrolls and GTA franchises, Mercenaries was able to take the concept and throw it into a more realistic world. dropping players into a fictional North Korea, your task is to hunt down high value targets. At the time, there really wasn’t anything else like Mercenaries and the game would garner many positive reviews. Now it seems the old Lucasarts classic will be joining Microsoft’s Games With Gold Program for December starting on the 16 - 31! Check out the full December lineup below.

Xbox One

  • Qube 2: Dec. 1 - 31

  • Never Alone: Dec. 16 - Jan. 15

Xbox 360 (Also on Xbox One back compat)

  • Dragon Age 2: Dec. 1 - 15

  • Mercenaries Dec. 16 - 31

As always you need to be a current member of Xbox Live Gold to take advantage of these free games. Any 360 titles you acquire during Games With Gold do stay permanently unlocked on your account unlike Xbox One titles. What do you think of Decembers game lineup?