Open World Horror Title PATHOLOGIC 2 Shows Off An Eerie New Trailer

Bringing a new sense of horror to an open world setting isn’t an easy thing to pull off, but has been the consistent work of Ice-Pick Lodge as they continue to develop Pathologic 2. After the interview I held with them, back in 2017, I continued to follow their progress. Showing off a creepy trailer here and there, showcasing the eeriness and dread the game will be full of, they have shown us a bit of the lore from the perspective of a small family.

This trailer reveals their plight against the plague and more scenes of how cruel the world is because of the consistent dangers that humanity is facing. Check out the story of Pathologic 2 from the eyes of the Children of Gorkhon:

This open world horror title is being featured by tinyBuild and includes a release date of May 23rd for Steam. If you are interested in checking out Pathologic 2 prior to its release, then I suggest you sign up for the Alpha through their website.

All-in-all, the more I see about this game the more I want to experience it. I love that they are focusing on atmosphere and lore over jump scares and cheap thrills, like most horror games tend to focus on. While there is nothing wrong with those game styles, it is nice to play a horror game that gives you an experience rather than a moment.