Open-World Zombie Sandbox Title JAWS OF EXTINCTION Opens Pre-Order For Upcoming Launch


It has been a while since we have received some solid news from they KYE Creations team on their zombie sandbox title Jaws of Extinction, but with plans in full force to launch Early Access in Summer 2019, we have received a big announcement. While they are still planning to launch on Steam, they will be providing an early launch for those that purchase their game through the new Abyss platform!

If you don’t know about The Abyss yet, it is an MMO-focused platform that intends to host games without the need for exclusivity. The foundation of this platform is user friendly and they are hoping to provide an easy way for players to get games at an affordable price by using their “Abyss Tokens” when purchasing a game or any in-game content.

In the case of Jaws of Extinction, or JoE, they are launching the game to the Abyss platform first and currently have it available for pre-order at 40% off. However, if you can get up to 70% off if paid with platform-specific ABYSS tokens. Getting the Abyss edition of JoE comes with the exclusive "Made in The Abyss" outfit compatible with the story protagonists and custom multiplayer characters. There are two other currently available game editions, “Angels of The Abyss” and “Devils of The Abyss”, which allow users to receive more exclusive packages, skins, and more.

It is good to see that they have continued the progress of their game since I had an interview with them a couple years back and that their game is finally reaching its official release date for their Early Access. Will you have what it takes to survive in a zombie-infested sandbox world?