Opinion: Game Length Doesn't Always Equate to Overall Game Experience

What Remains of Edith Finch is a short but sweet experience.

Size Doesn't Matter

While playing through the new title, WHAT REMAINS OF EDITH FINCH, I looked back to one of the first video games I fell absolutely in love with. I received SUPER MARIO BROS with my NES I got for Christmas in 1988. I'll never forget waking up the next day at around 5:30am, to hookup to an old 18" TV sitting on a church bench in our front room in a cold but cozy day in rural Utah. I loved everything about the game. The music, the graphics, the sounds; all of it was pure geek bliss. As I found out about warping, I made it a point to try to finish the game as quickly as possible. Though I have never gotten into actual speedrunning, I look back and a game I still enjoy and regardless of it's length, it's a timeless classic.

Christmas. 1988. A geek moment I'll never forget.

Christmas. 1988. A geek moment I'll never forget.

Fast forward to 2012 and I received a review copy of strange game named DEAR ESTHER. I knew nothing about it, no context, no trailers; absolutely nothing beforehand. I loaded it up and was immediately entranced by the melancholy music. An hour in, this wasn't really a game but more of an.. experience. The stunning graphics, story, and haunting music came together for a shorter (2-3 hours tops) experience but I still was in awe when the game ended. I definitely would have paid a small price, maybe $15-$25 for the experience again. 

Dear Esther is still an experience and journey that every gamer should embark on..

On the flip-side of these short experiences I've had over the years, I'm still currently playing PERSONA 4 GOLDEN on my PS Vita and 20 hours in, I know I still haven't even scratched the surface of that game. Is that a bad thing? Not really, but I am getting a bit tired of the same formula knowing that there is still 50+ hours of content to go. Also, I just started SNIPER GHOST WARRIOR 3 and going open world, there is a ton of things to do and see. I makes me wonder... So, dear readers, what do you prefer? Short and sweet or long and packed full of content?

Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 takes the series open world with a ton of things to see and shoot.