Outsmart Enemies And Solve Puzzles In Unique Indie Title UNBOUND: WORLDS APART


A new unique platform, puzzle game called Unbound: Worlds Apart will challenge you to face your enemies and beware of traps as you outsmart them with the ancient power of your portals. Developers Alien Pixel Studios has brought some of the most intriguing aspects of games over the last few years and blended it into a whole new adventure.

Taking the unique, defenseless strategy atmosphere of Inside mixed with color, cartoon-style (yet dark) world of Little Nightmares and brings it a taste of a unique ability that plays a big role in the puzzle elements throughout the game. This trailer shows off how they plan to make this an experience of its own for players:

This unique game is currently on Kickstarter and still has over a week left to reach their goal. With over 90% of their goal reached, I have no doubt that this game will be a success from the crowdfunding through the finished product. Not only is it gaining popularity and funding from fans, but for those that interested yet hesitant they have released a free demo on their Steam page for you to try out!

I’ve already downloaded the demo and plan on helping their campaign become a success as well myself. Will you be trying out Unbound: Worlds Apart prior to launch?