Over 100 Participants Enter Month-Long Tabletop Game Jam

One thing I immediately noticed and respected at the recent Global Game Jam at AIE Adelaide was the unique creative process of the tabletop jammers. Jumping past the hurdle of coding and programming, they were able to quickly reach a point where they could play test, utilizing me as their first player. It was super fascinating to learn about how much social interaction is involved with making an engaging tabletop game.

IndieCade is holding InGaDeMo, a tabletop game jam that will run from February 20th - April 6th. They’ve posted it as lasting a month, but perhaps the provided time and dates will be more detailed after registration. With weekly play test goals and status updates, this will allow for developers to have a more thorough focus on their work as opposed to a quick weekend jam. Their twitter mentions having over 100 participants, so this sounds like a fantastic opportunity for tabletop game developers to hone in on creating something truly awesome. Additionally, a meetup for this will be held during GDC 2016.

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