OVERWATCH Competitive Mode Detailed

New details have emerged on Overwatch's competitive mode, which rolls out sometime before the end of this month. From what Gamespot is saying, there's not a lot to be surprised about...

  1. Players will be ranked.
  2. Teams may not always be balanced
  3. Teams with a weaker overall skill level will lose less if they lose, and more if they win and vice versa.

There were also no official details, but something will be added to make the play last longer between matches and give the game a more back and forth element. That's honestly the best news of the bunch for me as I didn't much care for the quick playstyle. Maybe this new mode will pull me in.

As far as where you rank there will be placement matches and cosmetic rewards for those who reach the highest rank in the game. Sounds like a Blizzard game alright! Let's hope it's as good as it sounds.