OVERWATCH Cosplay Highlights Tracer And Emily's Christmas Vacation

Tracer and Emily share a holiday together in this cool Christmas themed Overwatch cosplay! The photos were done by Alexander Bootsman and the cosplayers are Fenix Fatalist (Tracer) and Lei Radna (Emily).

In case you're sitting here thinking "Wtf why is Tracer kissing a girl" the character was recently outed in an official Overwatch comic. There was a significant crowd on the original Kotaku post who argued this post is oversexualized and criticized Blizzard for censoring Tracer's butt pose but this is okay...I rationalize it like this. 

  • The character is now openly gay.
  • A passionate kiss on Christmas is like a Hallmark card compared to the type of stuff you see on the internet regarding these characters.
  • It's not officially endorsed by Blizzard

I guess I'm saying I'm not offended by it...but nothing like this would make me rage around the net to begin with. What's your take on it?