OVERWATCH Halloween Terror Features PvE, New Skins, And More!

Heroes Beware! For Blizzard has unleashed its Overwatch Halloween Terror event and it's crawling with tons of frighteningly cool stuff. 

Starting October 11 standard Loot Boxes will be replaced by Jack-O'-Lanterns filled with Halloween-themed cosmetic treats. Each of these Halloween Loot Boxes will contain at least one item of the over 100 Halloween collection items. The items available for this event include, profile icons, sprays, victory poses, emotes, highlight intros, skins, and a few more customization options. From what I've seen these looks amazing and will definitely be must-haves for any Overwatch fan out there. Check some of them out below:

Halloween Terror also introduces Junkenstein's Revenge, which is the first-ever co-op PvE Brawl mode on Overwatch. It even has its own little backstory and a brand-new digital comic to go with it:

This terrifying tale follows Dr. Jamison Junkenstein, an inventor and scientist who was once employed by the Lord of Adlersbrunn. Junkenstein’s dream was to create artificial life, but the Lord of Adlersbrunn mocked the scientist and his creations, calling him a fool and dismissing him from service. Slighted, Junkenstein vowed to prove the lord wrong, and when an unexpected visitor showed up and offered the key to perfecting his creation, Junkenstein’s Monster was born.
Now Junkenstein plans his revenge against the Lord of Adlersbrunn, and only four heroes stand in the way.

In this new survival-type game mode players will team up with three other players to hold the Eichenwalde castle doors against waves of zomnics, i.e. zombie omnics, as they also face off against Junkenstein's Monster (Roadhog), the Reaper (Reaper), a mysterious witch (Mercy), and Dr. Junkenstein (Junkrat) himself.

Players will have to choose between playing as the Alchemist (Ana), the Archer (Hanzo), the Gunslinger (McCree), or the Soldier (Soldier: 76) to defend the castle against the onslaught. Similarly to other games with survival, wave-based game modes, there are three difficulties, easy, medium, and hard, and as far as I can tell, there's only one map available. 

Like in the Summer Games event, Loot Boxes will be available through purchase or leveling, and luckily unlike the previous event, all Halloween Terror collectibles will be unlockable with in-game credits through the Hero Gallery.  

Overwatch Halloween Of Terror and all of its Loot Box items will only be available from October 11 to November 1, after that the collection goes to the vault into permanent storage, so make sure to secure any items you may want by then. 


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