Overwatch League Figureheads Marry In Livestreamed Ceremony


Over the last few days, many well-known figures from across the esports industry sparked a frenzy of speculation by tweeting about an unnamed esports event happening in Denver. Though most of the individuals invited were involved with Overwatch in some form, the event—known only by the cryptic hashtag #EsportsMystery—involved journalists, designers, and competitors from a number of titles.

Last night, the mystery was solved. As the pre-announced #EsportsMystery stream began, it became clear that the event was some kind of formal dinner, as many attendees were dressed in suits and gowns. After a couple of hours of interviews, the streamer, Overwatch League caster Christopher “MonteCristo” Mykles, revealed the truth: that the event was to be his wedding with Susie Kim, the general manager of the OWL’s London Spitfire.

Unbeknownst to many in the Overwatch scene, Mykles and Kim had been secretly pursuing a romantic relationship for almost five years while traveling around the world for their work in esports. Both of the newlyweds have had extensive esports careers; Kim has acted as a caster and interviewer in the past, while Mykles is a founder of the Renegades esports organization and has worked as a coach and commentator for a number of esports organizations and titles. With two celebrants as deeply involved in esports as Mykles and Kim, it was only fitting that their wedding became the first-ever wedding ceremony to be livestreamed on Twitch.

The ceremony itself provided ample entertainment for the thousands of viewers who logged in to MonteCristo’s stream in order to figure out what the #EsportsMystery was. A mixture of old and new traditions, it involved a heartfelt speech (and musical performance) by Kim’s father, followed by emotional vows in which both Mykles and Kim recalled their first meeting in a Shanghai airport and their travels together from South Korea to the United States.

Now that the mystery is solved, this writer wishes all his best to the happy couple—and hopes that they’re enjoying a modicum of privacy after putting together such a public celebration.

Check out the wedding VOD here!