One of Blizzard's most controversial characters is making her way to another game! Tracer from Overwatch will soon become playable in Heroes Of The Storm!

Fans of HotS will notice something unique to Tracer not available to other characters, she can move while attacking! Below are some additional details on her abilities and release date courtesy of Reddit...

Reload (trait): Tracer is able to execute basic attacks while in motion. Activate to reload all your ammo in 0.75 seconds. This attribute automatically activates when ammunition reaches 0. Tracer’s basic attacks consume ammunition.
Blink (Q): Moves rapidly toward the target location. Includes 3 charges. 6 second cooldown.
Melee (W): Damages an enemy, giving priority to closer heroes. Hitting non-heroes gives 5 charges of Pulse Bomb; hitting heroes gives 10 charges of Pulse Bomb. 8 second cooldown.
Recall (E): Returns the player to the position they were in 3 seconds ago. Grants 1 second of invulnerability, reloads ammunition, and clears negative effects. 30 second cooldown.
Heroic: Pulse Bomb (R): You start with this at level 1 (You also get no other Heroic option.) Pastes a bomb on the first target it touches, doing AOE damage or 2x damage to a single target.

At level 10 instead of picking the Heroic (since you already have it) you pick from three upgrades:
Adhesive Bomb: Increases Pulse Bomb’s radius by 50%. Enemies hit have their speed decreased by 60% for 3 seconds.
Quantum Event: Pulse Bomb no longer does AOE damage, instead dealing an extra 15% of its maximum power to a single target.
Pulse Ammo: The range of Pulse Bomb doubles and basic attacks against heroes grant 50% more charges.

Details on when/how you can get Tracer: Tracer will be available starting April 19 exclusively to those who pre-purchase a digital copy of Overwatch: Origins Edition for Windows PC. Starting on April 26, she’ll become available for sale to everyone in the Nexus.

Fans what do you think? Anyone else notice the distinct lack of butt?